LATIM METAL AND INDUSTRIES LTD. Latim Metal And Industries Limited is a Public Limited Company registered under the Companies Act, 1956. Registered Office of the Company is situated at Mumbai. The Company was incorporated as a private limited company on 28th January, 1975 and on 22nd August, 1975 it was converted into a Public Limited Company.


What we do ?

Latim Metal And Industries Limited was established with the vision of establishing itself as a leading dealer of metals, and so on in India. Our expertise lies in providing end to end solutions which includes manufacturing products as per required specification to our customers.

Why Choose Us ?

Having worked on numerous projects, Latim has gained unmatched business and technological expertise. We have built a large database of knowledge that we apply to deliver solutions that meet customers' needs, expectations and budget. We implement the best industry standards.

Our Process

Right product for the right requirement at the right price, i.e. rather than a mere supplier of the product we take utmost efforts in understanding the client's requirement, identifying the right product at the right price. This has resulted in close ties with major customers within India.